Opening Times

Sunday 22nd September
11am – 4pm


General Admission Ticket Types

Pedestrian Adult (Age 16+) – £15 incl. fees

Adult (Disabled Guest) (Age 18+) – £15 incl. fees with free admission for carer

Classic Car Parking for pre-1990 vehicles – £15 incl. fees
This ticket is for classic vehicles parking (vehicles registered pre-1990). Driver and all passengers aged 16+ need their own ‘General Admission’ ticket. You are parking nearby our curated CLASSICS CAR DISPLAY – please make sure your car is shiny and presentable.

Food and Refreshments Options

There are several food and refreshement options within the venue including lunch at the restaurant, stone baked pizza and light snacks in the gardens as well as indoor and outdoor bars. However lunch options are only available via direct bookings with the venue.

For lunch bookings contact the venue directly at:


All other enquiries at:




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